acer one 10 laptop

Acer One 10 is a convertible Windows PC.

More cheap laptops are flooding the market. Acer One 10 is one such convertible which is changing the whole perception about budget convertibles.
Acer One 10 is more flexibly designed and can be used in multiple ways. One can detach the display from the keyboard and use it as a tablet for reading or browsing the web, or you can flip the screen all the way back to use the keyboard as a stand. This convertible Acer impresses with its compact design and solid metallic finish even though it feels a little heavy to carry around. The screen feels a little heavier than the keyboard base.

Acer One 10 Budget Laptop Specifications

Acer One 10Acer One 10 comes with 32-bit Windows 10 Home Single with Bing, it packs in a resolution if 1280x800p, TFT display with IPS and 5-point multitouch support which is what most 13-15 inch laptops offer at this price point. The One 10 is driven by a 1.83GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor while it also has 2GB of RAM, and 500GB of storage. It also comes with all essential ports such as USB 3.0, micro USB, mini HDMI, microSD slot and audio. Though mini HDMI allows users to connect to big TV screens, one requires a convertor for it.
One 10 Acer is a very handy convertible laptop for users looking for a Windows laptop as well as a tablet. For student or professionals on the move with basic requirements, Acer One 10 is a lot more convenient and manageable than spending on a full-fledged laptop

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