Laptop screen replacement cost

Laptop screen replacement cost – How much should I pay?

There are several factors which can contribute to a laptop screen breaking, and in the event of this happening you will want to find a new screen quickly and efficiently. There’s no longer the need to rush out and buy a new laptop with laptop screen broken, because replacement laptop screens are incredibly easy to come by and are not that expensive. Of course, you need to do a bit of research to make sure you’re getting the right model to suit your laptop, but if you’ve got a bit of know-how knowledge it doesn’t have to be that difficult. You could fix laptop screen yourself or you could opt for a full laptop repair service, but either way you’re sure to save money because you’ll be spending far less than you would if you opt for a new laptop.

Laptop screen replacement cost is not as high as you think. Replacing a laptop screen, including parts and labour, shouldn’t cost you more than R1800. In fact, it will probably come closer to R1200.
Nowadays, technology has improved, production cost for LCD screens has been significantly reduced as a results the selling price is also low.
The LCD screens for laptops sold by us are identical to the ones used by laptop manufacturers during the laptop assembly and there are no generic screens as they are not easy to manufacture.

Self-repair is not recommended. One of the worst things that can happen when you try to fix your broken laptop is that you run the risk of getting the wrong replacement screens which won’t fit your particular brand of laptop. That won’t happen when you deal with us, because we work to ensure that you get the right laptop screen replacement for your make and model so there are no surprises.

You can save a couple of hundreds if you have experience of repairing laptops, I strongly recommend hiring a professional company like Vuma Computers because getting inside a laptop is a lot trickier than climbing into a desktop computer. Yes, it will add about a few hundreds to the price, but I guarantee you, you will get a professional service. Also I strongly suggest never take it back to the manufacture because unless the physical damage is covered by a manufacture warranty (which I don’t think so), you could easily end up waiting days if not weeks while boxes are shipped back and forth, only to get low-quality work, have your hard drive reformatted for no reason, or be overcharged for troubleshooting.

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