Computer Repairs Services

Work faster on your computers

Computer repairs & IT Support for your home or business done professional by qualified tech gurus. We offer onsite computer repairs to a wide range of areas around Johannesburg. We bring fast, friendly, and award winning customer service to your home or office to help with all your PC repair needs.

Whether you are looking for help with technology issues, PC repairs, laptop repairs, upgrading hardware, moving to Office 365, problem prevention, virus and spyware protection or data recovery and backup solutions, or if your PC has just crashed, or you have just purchased a new computer, laptop, printer or accessory and would like someone to help you get it all setup, our computer repairs technician will repair you and also offer you advice on how to keep your computer running as fast and smooth as possible along the way.

Computer Repairs Your Way

Remember how fast your computer ran when you first brought it home? Working with a new computer is so much fun. Unfortunately, as time goes on, your new best friend can start to slow down. Your favourite programs don’t run as fast and it may even start to freeze. Our computer repair professionals can make your computer run as good as new again. We are here to make your computer problems disappear.

You might need us if…

  • Your desktop computer is slower than usual
  • You are unable to connect to the internet with your desktop
  • Advertisements are appearing on your screen
  • You see the “Blue Screen of Death” regularly
  • Your desktop computer overheats regularly
  • You hear beeping from your desktop computer

Why use us for computer repairs

Join 1000’s of happy customers!

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Qualified Tecs

Quality Screens

Our experienced, qualified computer repair technicians will thoroughly test your computer first the way very few can and catch potential problems most miss.

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1 Year Warrantee

3 months warranty on workmanship of all computers repairs. If anything goes wrong with a repair we’ve done, we’ll happily fix it. We may not be tall, but we stand proudly behind everything we do.

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Fast Installation

We aim for fast turnaround time, depending on availability of spares. We understand that most professionals cannot be without their computer

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Computer repair services we offer

We offer you a full range of computer repairs in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas. Whether you have a Mac, PC, laptop, desktop, server, workstation or tablet, we will make your computer problems disappear.

  • Computer tune up
  • Laptop repair
  • PC repair
  • OS (operating system) updates.
  • Wireless repair
  • Windows repair
  • Server configuration
  • Slow computer repair
  • Tablet repair
  • Android repair
  • Hard drive repair, replacement
  • Hardware repair, replacement
  • Onsite repair
  • Software installation
  • Software troubleshooting


Get desktop computer repair from trained professionals