The Vuma Story

We embrace technology. We know it. We use it. We can help you use it to it’s fullest as well.

A new kind of technology company that works hand in hand with customers to do something amazing, something meaningful and something special. It all started 5 years ago with a simple, bold idea: to bring honesty, integrity and a commitment to achieve to an industry where many companies simply fail to deliver. We wanted to do things differently.  We set out to provide a personalized and friendly experience, one that is completely transparent, one where all your questions could be answered with understanding and empathy.

We are driven by our customers

We place customers at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business; we believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company. Trust and satisfaction comes from the overall experience a customer receives, from initial contact right up to after sales service. We work hard to get it right every step of the way.

Our Products

Let’s be honest. There’s a real temptation to sell the cheapest products for the cheapest price. However, the only person that suffers is you as the consumer as all the corners are cut. Our products are hand-picked and carefully chosen for their quality and reliability. We source best of breed products both locally and internationally and work with some of the most renowned technology brands in the world.

Why Choose Us

There are many IT companies a few clicks away, so why should you choose us? Simple because we deliver on our promises. Our continued success depends on keeping our promises, to our customers and to our colleagues. We see ourselves as custodians of the resources entrusted to us.